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Wake up every morning inspired to be free. Discover the sounds of the underserved and overlooked Urban and Caribbean Communities around the world. Experience culture. Travel the world through sound. Discover Music Channel consist of Urban/Caribbean Centric Open Format Programming by PlayMas.Today


episode 6: Stress #beingAfricaAllah Vol 17_06

Dealing with mental health during these COVID times can be overwhelming. Just like the rest of the world we are all dealing with a great bit of unbalance and uncertainty some more than others.

For many of us, even the seemingly well off, we are living for pay check to pay check or for people in the entertainment and media industry gig to gig. For entrepreneurs this marketplace can make or break you. Overall, it’s alot to deal with.

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It’s just about over Goodie Mob 00:05:03
I Wanna Know (Instrumental) 00:06:35
Podcast Disclaimer 00:02:15
I Deserve It (Clean) 00:01:48
Married 00:02:09
Write My Wrongs 00:02:21
Off White (Clean Edit) 00:02:12
Pricey (feat. Haiti Babii) 00:02:17
FRANCHISE (Remix) (Clean) 00:04:30
Two Ways | 00:04:15
Give It Up 00:02:55
On Call (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) | 00:03:27
Where Is Our Love Song (Clean) 00:03:11
Fucked Up 00:02:14
City Girls (Clean) 00:03:01
Nobody’s Watchin | 00:03:11
Beat It Up 00:01:46
IDGAF (Clean) 00:02:30
Can’t Put It In The Hands of Fate (Clean) 00:02:45
Back To You [Clean] 00:02:40
It Is What It Is (Remix) (Clean) 00:02:17
JEWELZ (Clean) 00:02:23
Buss It 00:02:44
Do It (Clean) 00:03:36
Cats Got My Tongue | 00:02:51
Noah Love | 00:01:17
Thug Love (Clean) 00:02:10
Hell Naw 00:03:29
Henny & Big Spliff – [Clean] 00:02:40
Quick N’ Fast – [Clean] 00:01:37
Ave Style Party – [Clean] 00:01:35
Sealy Posturepedic – [Clean] 00:01:36
Born Wid Magic – [Clean] 00:01:09
Gallis Fi Life 00:01:53
Good Pussy 00:02:08
Chop Now 00:01:16
How It Guh 00:01:26
Haitian Badness 00:01:40
Money Pon Mi Mind – [Clean] 00:01:28
Hattrick – [Clean] 00:01:23
Money Pree 00:01:54
Enemy Again 00:01:55
Amnesia – [Clean] 00:01:42
Money Mind 00:02:01
Expose 00:01:44
Fairytale 00:01:30
Private Teacher 00:01:32
Roller Coaster 00:01:45
Greatest Thing is to Know 00:03:02
Kerwin Du Bois x Destra – Stress Reliever (Candy Shack Riddim) Stadic x Jonny Blaze 2021 Release 00:03:04
Patrice Roberts x Kemar Highcon – Start Up (Candy Shack Riddim) Stadic x Jonny Blaze 00:01:36
Azaryah – Sweetest (Candy Shack Riddim) Stadic x Jonny Blaze 2021 Release
Konshens – Soda (Candy Shack Riddim) Stadic x Jonny Blaze 2021 Release


 2020-10-14  1h1m