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When You Walk In The Room by Jackie DeShannon

Label: Liberty 55645
Year: 1964
Condition: M-
Price: $45.00

Here's a beautiful copy of the very rare early pressing that credits "Jack DeShannon" on the A side... as if the regular version isn't rare enough. Besides being one of the iconic singles of the girl group era (even though it flopped here in the U.S.), this amazing recording is important because it's one of the earliest overt expressions of female sexuality on vinyl. When Jackie sings, I can feel a new expression on my face
I can feel a loin sensation taking place she isn't suggesting that she has to hit the bathroom. It's really quite remarkable, and may explain why U.S. radio declined to play it. British radio also stayed away, though they were thrilled when the Searchers covered it later in 1964, taking it to #3. The U.S. release made the top 40 at #35. Two other notable features of this recording are the Beatlesque guitar lead (who is that, anyway?), and the Phil Spector-esque Wall-of-Sound production. This is truly one of those gems that were overlooked in their day but whose genius was acknowledged for posterity to enjoy. If you've always thought this DeShannon classic was one of the definitions of Girl Group bliss, be sure to flip the record over and enjoy more of the same from this great non-album cut. Note: This 45 record comes in a vintage Liberty Records factory sleeve. It grades Near Mint across the board (Labels, Vinyl, Audio). The sound is particularly notable, as this is a very well mastered 45 record!


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