Rider Die

Kamen Rider fan, Tyler, and Kamen Rider newcomer, Mike, watch and recap Kamen Rider episodes one season at a time. We'll delve into different aspects of the show including: important story beats, suit design, and music. Henshin up and join us for the ride!



episode 1: Rider Die Season 2 Episode #1 - Kamen Rider Blade: The Indigo Warrior

The fifth Heisei Era Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Blade, graced Japanese TV screens sixteen years ago. Now, Tyler will guide Mike through the series as we watch and recap each and every episode (and maybe even a movie or two). Hear Mike and Tyler's first impressions and thoughts on every episode after a fresh viewing.

This episode kicks off Season Two of the podcast where we tackle Kamen Rider Blade! This episode, we meet Kazuma Kenzaki and Sakuya Tachibana, respectively Kamen Rider Blade and Garren, as they battle the Bat Undead under orders from B.O.A.R.D. Kenzaki also meets novelist Kotaro Shirai and is convinced to live with him. What could possibly go wrong? Find out when we cover Kamen Rider Blade Episode 1: "The Indigo Warrior".

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 2020-10-29  38m