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PODCAST: Tiger Mendoza

On this weeks podcast, Tiger Mendoza tells us about the influences behind his new album MSk8: The Mixtape, there’s first plays from Eazy 26, In-Flight Movie, Luxury Chemicals and TMPLR, plus loads of incredible new tunes from Oxfordshire! Here's the full playlist: • Julia Meijer – Under Water LMNL - Best Impression The People Versus - Sea Monster (Charybdis) Eazy 26 – Course I Did The Rhythm Kartel - Obsessions (Feat.Truly Ford) In-Flight Movie - The Assistant Luxury Chemicals - Invisible Landscape Tiger Mendoza - Oppressor (You Don't Know) (feat. Mila Todd) TMPLR – Rising Hannah Bruce - Ariadne • If you're making music in Oxfordshire, send us your music with the BBC Introducing Uploader:


 2020-11-07  1h0m