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INFAMOUS: The Chillenden Murders

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Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire is a high security psychiatric hospital that houses some of Britain's most notorious and dangerous criminals, including Robert Napper, Peter Sutcliffe and John Straffen. Broadmoor Hospital is run by the NHS and serves to prove that there is a credible link between mental illness and violent crime. In an article for GQ Magazine in June 2019, Dr Das, a forensic psychiatrist, confirms that whilst not all mental illness will cause a person to become violent, there is definitely a link between certain mental illnesses and violent crimes such as grievous bodily harm, sexual assault and murder. The most common diagnoses amongst imprisoned, dangerous individuals are psychotic illnesses, including schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder and bipolar disorder. Whilst this doesn't guarantee a person with these conditions will immediately become a danger to others, aggression is known to be portrayed as a direct result of symptoms such as paranoid delusions or auditory hallucinations displayed by individuals with schizophrenia. The link between mental health and violent crime is muddied slightly by confounding factors such as drugs and alcohol, being a victim of physical, sexual or emotional abuse in younger years, an unstable childhood or family home and being exposed to violence, such as domestic abuse.

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 2020-11-15  35m