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Episode 010 -- Comedy and Intrigue

This is a part of the live show from April 5th 2016.  Be sure to listen live every Tuesday so you can hear the whole thing!


Producer Dave (@Plex_Dave)
Juan Maserati
Waffle Princess
Fuckin Harrison (@Effin_Harrison)
Kit Kat


Verse - Zip Zap
Ariella Golda - Maze (Every Goddamn Day)
Nvs - Polly Ann Marie
Kat Robichaud and The Darling Misfits - Definition of Pretty
Curious Quail - Apart We Are Together
Lucy Arnell - Sans-Souci
Audible Smoke Signal - Girlfriends a Ghost
The Roughies - Mexican Tap Water Chug Off
The Roughies - Uncle Obama's White Cabin
Landon Wordswell - On The Move
Billy Sheen - So Have I
Usurper Vong - The Hunt Is On (Ooh La La)
Sweet HayaH - Away
Billy Sheen - Our Love Was a Lie
Rebelskamp - Huxtable
Black Cat Path - Long Way
Nvs - Bowl Alone
Lords of Sealand - Three Snake Leaves
Cado Dos Santos - Venha Dançar

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 2016-04-09  2h10m