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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less.


episode 261: Mental Health

Joshua and Ryan talk about mental health, the psychology of healing, and consciously creating a healthy relationship with yourself and others with author and holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera, and they answer the following questions:

What is a ‘holistic psychologist’? (01:05)

What do you focus on in your new book? (03:02)

How do you define ‘trauma’? (05:06)

How do I stay positive and focused on the days when maintaining my mental balance is particularly challenging? (08:22)

What is ‘bypassing’? (15:24)

How do I tactfully address my extended family placing undue hospitality obligations and stress on me regarding hosting them in my home? (17:16)

How do we let go of others’ expectations? (24:08)

How do we communicate appropriate boundaries? (25:48)

What can you do to promote healing in someone other than yourself? (30:05)

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 2020-11-17  44m