The Mentor with Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris speaks to business owners and entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick and their plans for growth. Some business owners are on the way up and enjoying new success, others are at a turning point. Mark digs into their stories and finds out why they set out to create their own path, their challenges and where they go from here. Based on his own personal experiences and learnings, he also passes on his own guidance on how to take their business to the next level.


episode 235: Ed West: Poho Flowers

Today's guest is proof that a great product, the ability to adapt and evolve, and a strong community around you can really make a business thrive, even in challenging times. Ed West is the owner of Poho Flowers, a Sydney florist that offers a premium retail experience as well as an online store, and creates contemporary floral arrangements for weddings, offices and hotels. In March this year, when all event and corporate work evaporated, Ed focused on ramping up their online retail and reaching new customers who were looking for ways to brighten up their homes. I ask Ed how his business has leveraged the visual impact of social media to create brand recognition and why community support for the business has boomed with people looking for new ways to work together and support each other.

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 2020-11-30  50m