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How American Values Are Being Destroyed And What We Can Do To Protect Them – Charlie Kirk (Ep. 304)

Charlie Kirk, American conservative activist, radio talk show host, social media influencer and writer, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Charlie talks about the current crisis facing American society. He discusses the breakdown of family, the attack on men, the socialist movement, the radical left, the shutdown, censorship and so much more. Charlie breaks down complex social and political issues and tells us his best prescription for keeping America the greatest country the world has ever known. If you’re wondering how to help protect American values and our great country, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

• The younger generation of Americans and their belief that America is evil and racist

• The problem with our education system and the brainwashing that takes place in them

• Spreading a more conservative voice to the young generation of men

• The many social and political issues currently facing America

• The defunding of police and the BLM movement

• Censorship and why any type of censorship is wrong

• Alex Jones getting banned from all social media platforms

• President Trump getting all of his tweets fact-checked

• The attack on men in the 21st century

• Feminism and how it has hurt the traditional American family

• The problems with the Shutdown and what should be done immediately

• The Deep State and whether or not there is a plot to take down the president

• George Soros and Bill Gates and what they’re really up to

• Individual freedom vs. government control

• The incentivization of family breakdown

• Taking responsibility over your life and your actions as opposed to letting legislature dictate your happiness and effort

• Why Trump fans are not racists

• The 2020 election and the fraud surrounding it

• What we can do to help stop the steal of the 2020 election

• Whether Charlie Kirk believes Trump will be president in 2021 and beyond

• How to support the president in his efforts to overturn the fraud that took place in all the swing states

• The future of America and the direction we’re heading as a society

• Living in the greatest control in the world

Check out Charlie on:

Website: charliekirk.com

Podcast: facebook.com/realCharlieKirk

Instagram: instagram.com/charliekirk1776


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 2020-12-01  53m