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episode 158: Please Come for a Visit: Longing for the Presence of God

During the COVID19 pandemic, especially as we enter the holidays, many people are feeling isolated and alone. We want to visit with family and friends, to give them a big hug, sit with them in the same room, and be together in-person. We want to get back to normal. In this message, Pastor Mark explains that the book of Isaiah, which is about Israel in exile, shares a similar emotional, psychological, and spiritual context. They too wanted things to get back to normal and to have their relationships restored. More than anything, they wanted to reconnect with God. In all of this, Isaiah prays to God, "O that you would tear open the heavens and come down” (64:1), and then casts a vision of restoration, a vision that points beyond itself to something bigger--Emmanuel, God with us.


 2020-12-01  18m