Dr. Gameshow

Jo Firestone and Manolo Moreno play original game shows sent in by listeners with their comedian friends and listener call-ins. Listen as Jo and Manolo struggle through these outrageous games submitted by people all over the world, from New Jersey to Pakistan.



episode 47: 47. From Trash To Stash

Hosts Jo Firestone & Manolo Moreno play listener-created games with callers via Zoom!

Games played: Dr. Booksical, Hot Beef Wednesday, and Dr. Dark Dynamics

Callers: Conrad Tao from New York, New York; Manis from Wilmington, North Carolina; Bethany and Chris from Los Angeles, California; Greg and Kassy from Omaha, Nebraska; Zoe from Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Hailey from Washington, DC; Dan from St. Petersburg, Florida; Andrew and Andrea from Chicago, Illinois; Bee from Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Scott from St. Louis, Missouri; Shannon from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Outro theme by Bea Troxel from Nashville, Tennessee

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 2020-12-02  1h11m