The Retrofuturist Chronicles

What is retrofuturism? The future as seen from the past? The past as seen from the future? Or perhaps just nostalgia for a time when innovation was looked on with romance and optimism. In nearly every aspect, the world today is a better than at any other time in human history. And our future? Our future is in the hands of today’s youth …The Retrofuturist Chronicles center on a 12-year-old girl named Miranda who is affable and bright but disempowered because of her age. Each episode begins with Miranda expressing concerns about something in her life.In turn, those concerns always remind Miranda’s kind-of-crazy retrofuturist spinster Aunt Natalie of some extraordinary absurdist exploit that she’s had. Aunt Natalie’s tall tales are never constrained by time, place, logic, or even laws of physics. She often invokes historic people and incidents and makes outrageous claims. But she inspires Miranda with fantastic tales of past innovations that have just enough truth in them to be intriguing and uplifting...


episode 6: Watered Down

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As we open this episode, Miranda and her Aunt Natalie have just completed a 15-kilometer hike. “Uphill. Both ways!” wails a dehydrated Miranda.

Aunt Natalie gives her a dollar for a bottle of water but it’s old and worn so the vending machine refuses to accept it. On the brink of a heat-induced meltdown, she refuses to use the water fountain out of a fear of contaminants. “Raccoons drink from water fountains. They use their creepy little hands to push the button. They have rabies! If I drink from that fountain, my brain will swell until my head explodes!”

Her aunt tries to distract her from enumerating all the ways her head could explode with another fantastic tale of the Cosmopolitan Retrofuturistic Innovator’s Secret Investigative Sisterhood. This one is about the time they helped the island nation called Morologia automate the delivery of government services.

The episode concludes with SAP executives discussing the very real possibilities of an intelligent automated constituent-centric public sector.

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 2020-12-03  18m