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We scour piles of old 45s for the very best in all Rock'n'roll and soul genres to feature snippets in our online jukebox. This podcast gets the jukebox to you in a great new way.


Something's Burnin' by Marvellos

Label: Loma 2045 dj
Year: 1967
Condition: M-
Last Price: $200.00. Not currently available for sale.

This is a new, unplayed promo copy from the Louise Neal 45 Collection. This great single features two dynamite, Motown-style dancers. I liked the A side so much right away I had to get an mp3 "snippet" of it in our online "jukebox"... so have a listen! Note: This beautiful promo 45 has very nearly Mint labels. The vinyl (styrene) looks untouched but has a very mild, no impact warp, lowering the grade to Near Mint. The audio shines through flawlessly, both sides!


 2016-04-22  1m