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Musician, composer and radio host Elizabeth McQueen wants to hear about transformational songs. In conversations and interviews with fellow musicians and artists, McQueen talks with them about life-changing songs, inspiration, creativity and so much more.



This Song’s 100th Episode! Elizabeth and Lisel McQueen

It’s This Song’s 100th Episode!!!! To celebrate we’ve made it a family affair.  Host Elizabeth McQueen gets interviewed by her 8 year old daughter Lisel about how Rebecca Sugar’s “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe expanded her idea of what songs can do. Then Lisel explains to Elizabeth how “Peace and Love on the Planet Earth,” also from Steven Universe, blows her mind and is helping her process big ideas like, Peace, War, Death and Birth and the fact that the earth may explode some day.

And Antonette Masando, creator of the She’s the Boss podcast and former This Song intern, explains how Nicki Minaj’s “Fly” and Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” changed her life.

Photo Credit: Willow McQueen

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 2017-09-13  25m