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Episode 421: Nilay Patel

Nilay Patel is editor-in-chief of The Verge and hosts the podcast Decoder.

“The instant ability—unmanaged ability—for people to say horrible things to each other because of phones is tearing our culture apart. It just is. And so sometimes, I’m like, Man, I wish our headline had been: ‘iPhone Released. It’s A Mistake.’ … But I think there’s a really important flipside to that … a bunch of teenagers are able to create culture at a scale that has never been possible before. Also, a bunch of marginalized communities are able to speak with coordinated voices and make change very rapidly. And that balance—I don’t think we’ve quite understood.”

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Show Notes:

Patel's archive at The Verge
02:00 Decoder
02:00 The Vergecast
03:00 Recode Decode
08:00 Platformer (Casey Newton)
12:00 "Mark in the Middle" (Casey Newton • Verge • Sept 2020)
22:00 Patel's archive at Engadget
26:00 Processor (Dieter Bohn • Verge)
28:00 "Foxconn Is Confusing the Hell Out of Wisconsin" (Josh Dzieza • Verge • Apr 2019)
28:00 "Foxconn Says Empty Buildings in Wisconsin Are Not Empty" (Josh Dzieza • Verge • Apr 2019)
29:00 "Condo at the End of the World" (Joseph L. Flatley • Verge • Nov 2011)
45:00 Stratechery (Ben Thompson)
45:00 Kevin Roose on Longform
45:00 Charlie Warzel on Longform

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 2020-12-16  53m