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Myths | Legends | History A podcast dedicated to all things Lost, Unexplained and Straight Up Strange. From ancient lost cities to paranormal phenomena and legendary creatures, Into the Portal is your gateway to the bizarre. Join Hosts Amber Rae and Andrew McKay as they approach topics you have never heard before, taking an in depth look through an alternate lens… To the other side of the portal.


episode 11: Rock Gate: The Legend of Ed Leedskalnin

Rock Gate: known to most as Coral Castle, this momentous stone garden in Florida has been referred to as the Stonehenge of the 21st century. Built by one man, Ed Leedskalnin, Rock Gate represents one of the most remarkable engineering feats achieved by a single individual - whose work was performed entirely in secret.

So the legend goes, Ed Leedskalnin claimed to know the secrets of the Egyptians and had harnessed a form of anti-gravity magnetism to lift immense blocks of limestone. Ed single-handedly constructed his Magnum Opus, Rock Gate, in dedication to his mysterious sweet sixteen, a young woman who left Ed before they could be married. The cryptic riddles of the loner immigrant have been left in short books written by Ed, leaving modern interpretations of his work to run wild with speculation, including those related to ancient magnetic and acoustic forms of levitation.

Ideas of ancient levitation are not unique to Coral Castle. Travellers have witnessed Tibetan monks achieve levitation of both themselves and their objects through the use of sound, using their bodies as the primary source of energy. As we look back even further to the ancient stone Moai of Easter Island or the great pyramids of Egypt, questions of exactly how such feats were accomplished become a controversial realm where science and pseudo-science often become blurred. How exactly did Ed build his 1,000 ton Rock Gate? Join us for Episode XI of Into The Portal as we join forces with The Mad Scientist Podcast to discuss levitation, ancient magnetism and the incredible legend of Coral Castle.

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 2018-04-23  2h8m