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episode 45: Broken vol V

Petua and Sophie continue their journey to reconnect with Sophie's friends in the world of G.R.I.D.br34k3r and return their souls to hell.

Music used in this episode:

Marvellous Merfolk - Soft and Furious

We Won't Survive - The Rezonator

Netra - Ingrats

SFX used in this episode:

Typewriter - TOC1

Servo motor - Burningmonkey

Flamethrower - Pugaeme

Cinematic Deep Rumble - Swiftoid

Fire - Effects - Textures - Sizzling, crackling, blowing - GregorQuendel

additional sounds recorded by Lilith

All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution. 

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 2020-12-17  37m