Real Synthetic Audio is the most listened to EBM and Industrial net-radio show.


RSA 12/21/2020

So we're down to one show left this year, and then we can leave 2020 behind with a bang. Yep, next week is going to be the best of 2020 show, and it is packed with great new music, much like this weeks show where a couple of names from RSA's past come back with remixes and remasters! Uncreated - Break Free (Solitary Experiments)Implant - Phantom Pain (Tragic)Ginger Snap5 - The PitRaindancer - Sandman (Stokholm Edit)Bratři - Rise (5_32)Gunmaker - Dreams And Desires Solar Fake - This Pretty Life (Single)Aghast View - Timeless


 2020-12-21  n/a