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episode 43: 43: Will Your Favourite F1 Team Race In 2021?

Formula 1 announced the 2021 regulations but NO team has signed the Concorde Agreement yet. Will your favourite team be racing in F1 2021? Okay, the truth may not be as dramatic as we're making it to be, but for Formula 1's sake, we're hoping that all the current teams race in the new era of the sport. Although Formula 1 could've handled the PR around this issue better. In 2021, will we also see drivers change teams? Historically, rule changes have always shaken up the order in Formula 1, will 2021 do so too? We'd love to see Lewis Hamilton do a Juan Manuel Fangio - basically, win titles with Mercedes and Ferrari. Maybe he could seek some encouragement from Valentino Rossi on winning with multiple manufacturers when they switch machines later this year. We discuss how a Formula 1 team could still spend $300 million dollars per season under the new 'financial regulations'. Is Formula 1's NZC or Net Zero Carbon plan to eventually buy Formula E and acquire all its carbon credits (if they have any, that is)? Would AWS be pleased with Formula 1's tyre life graphic given the controversies around it? Finally, we had Porsche's Formula E racer, Neel Jani, on our podcast a few days ago. Only that our audio recording failed miserably! Yes, that's the story of our special 301st episode. Tune in! (Season 2019, Episode 43) Topics discussed in this episode: - Formula 1 jumped the gun on the 2021 announcements? The Concorde Agreement is yet to be signed - will any team leave the sport a the end of 2020? Is this turning out to be a PR disaster for the sport? - Net Zero Carbon initiative - is Formula 1 doing enough? Is 2030 a bit too late? - How a Formula 1 team could still spend $300 million from 2021 too. We do some math - Lewis Hamilton could seek some encouragement from Valentino Rossi to switch to Ferrari come 2021 - Is Sebastian Vettel the next big trigger in the Formula 1 driver market? - How can $175 million per year not excite a lot of people in Formula 1? Will spending to the budget cap become a prestige issue for teams come 2021? - Given the mess around the tyre life graphic, would AWS be pleased with their Formula 1 sponsorship activation? - Toto Wolff missed his first race since 2013 - he just needs more time to look for a Christmas gift for Ferrari - Lucien's Moments in Time section Subscribe: iTunes ( , audioBoom ( (RSS feed for all devices), Spotify ( and Google Podcasts ( Official Page: Facebook ( Follow our hosts on Twitter: Mithila Mehta ( and Kunal Shah ( (Image courtesy: Mercedes)


 2019-11-15  28m