Horror Fictional and True Stories

All of the stories on this podcast are use used with the express permission of the author & Dr. Creepen Van Pasta are in the Creative Commons or are in the Public Domain. If this is in question you can contact him Email legendsoftheashes@gmail.com Fictional & True Stories from anything like Rest Stop Stories to the Deep Web. Hope You Enjoy!



I’m a Freemason I Have More Stories to Tell you ALL 10 PARTS OF THE FREEMASON SERIES

Today’s fantastic selection of stories is the full series of ‘I’m a Freemason and I have some stories to tell you’, an original collection by the incredibly talented PostMortem33h. Narrated and music by Dr. Creepen van Pasta. Other music used is credited to the wonderful The Dark Somnium (intro) and the fantastic Tanner Stokes (end credits).


 2021-01-07  1h51m