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I'm A Man by Chicago

Label: Columbia 45467
Year: 1971
Condition: M-
Price: $12.00

These two great Chicago tunes have an interesting history as singles. "Questions" was the group's first single, released in 1969 on Columbia 44909, and it had a much longer version of the song than on later releases. That first single only climbed as high as #71 on the pop chart. The song was re-released in an edited version (one verse missing) on this single, backed by the group's dynamite cover of "I'm A Man", and finally made it to the Top 40 1971. This is that release, and a powerful two-sided hit it was (and remains)! By the way, "I'm A Man" is also a dramatically edited version of the 7-plus-minutes LP cut. Note: This copy looks new and comes in a vintage Columbia Records factory sleeve. The audio is pristine Mint (except for one light "pop" I heard on the B track). The labels are also Mint, with only a tiny "bubble" on the B side and a tiny color fleck on the A to keep them from perfection.


 2016-04-26  1m