Welcome to the ExQueeriencePoints Podcast. We are an all queer cast, and I’m the originator and producer, Kelrick. We play the Starfinder ttrpg, produced by Paizo because they have shown serious work in ttrpg inclusion. Our stories are told by queer casts telling stories with queer themes - which doesn't mean we are only for queer folks, just that we don't shy away from being our authentic selves as we play through our campaigns. Join us in the fun, rate & review us, send us messages on Twitter (@EQPoints) or on Twitch.tv/ExQueeriencePoints!



S3 0.2 Getting to know all about you

Welcome to ExQueerience Points Starfinder! We are an all Quiltbag (an inclusive term we like for everyone in our community) cast. We are having fun and telling stories for everyone while staying true to our Qulitbag life experiences. This homebrew campaign will start with level 5  characters so we spent our session Zero livestream telling you more about how they know each other and building a joint backstory.

Our session zero starts w/ https://meghanlynnftw.itch.io/session-zero-bonds…, by @meghanlynnFTW! It was a new ExQueerience for us to kick off a game like this - expect a recap of how we like it later.

Learn about our characters - Joss, Eabra, The An, & Harper and the bonds that brought them together.

We are a proud member of the BeGayRollDice network.

Sounds by Syrenscape.


 2021-01-15  43m