Frühstück mit Werbern

Ganz Deutschland macht Homeoffice. Wirklich ganz Deutschland? Nein, in einer kleinen Agentur in Osnabrück sitzen noch ein paar Verstreute und vermissen das Agenturleben, wie sie es kannten. Um Kontakt zu ihren Kollegen, Kunden und Agenturpartnern zu halten, senden sie jeden Morgen zur Frühstückszeit einen kleinen Gruß in die Welt.


episode 1: Introducing Reading Our Times

New podcast exploring the books and the ideas that are shaping us today

Too often, our big debates lack depth and generosity. We talk past – or worse – we shout at one another, with sound–bytes, tweets, and memes. This podcast, hosted by Theos Senior Fellow Nick Spencer, gives us the chance to dive deeper.

Nick will be talking to some of the leading thinkers and writers of our time, and looking at the books that are behind our public conversations. We’ll be talking about meritocracy, justice, populism, human rights, and religion.

This is not simply a political or a current affairs podcast, however. We’re going to trace intellectual roots and the human implications of these issues. We’ll look at what they have to say about who we are and how we should live together.

We’ll ask what dementia might have to teach us about being human? How has the divided brain shaped history? What does it mean to live in a liberal society?

We won’t always end up with answers, and certainly not simple ones. But we can promise you a probing and fascinating conversation.

Listen to us, and we’ll introduce you to books and ideas that illuminate the way we see – and live in – today’s world.

Our first episode, out on 15th September, will be looking at what’s wrong with meritocracy in conversation with leading philosopher Michael Sandel.

You can find Reading Our Times on major streaming sites including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher.

Follow us on Twitter @theosthinktank and @theosnick.

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 2020-09-08  2m