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RSA 01/25/2021

Getting ahead of myself allowed me to take a week off of slaving over a hot hard drive, and has re-energized me! But the nose has to get back to the grindstone as we have a lot of great music to get out to you, and I don't want to start falling behind again! The membership drive pages are up, simply so I get get my ducks in a row. Next week we begin the 2021 membership drive and the 23rd anniversary! Obsession Of Time - Don't Look Back (Tolchok)Raindancer - Phoenix (Blume)Nordika - True Love (Elektrostaub)Extize - Ghost On Earth (Spectral)Rotersand & Evendorff - Grey (Rotersand)Supreme Court - Next Exit Extinction (Amnistia)Aghast View - Pay Off (Dub)Gunmaker - I Wanna Feel (Numb Haze)


 2021-01-24  n/a