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episode 8: Journey To The Interior Of The Earth - Part 8

Sit back and relax as Tom reads you chapters 41 to 45 of Journey To The Interior of the Earth…


- [0:00] Chapter 41: The Great Explosion And The Rush Down Below

- [7:46] Chapter 42: Headlong Speed Upward Through The Horrors Of Darkness

- [16:51] Chapter 43: Shot Out Of A Volcano At Last

- [26:28] Chapter 44: Sunny Lands In The Blue Mediterranean

- [36:16] Chapter 45: All’s Well That Ends Well

- [42:09] Epilogue


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This version of Journey to the Interior of the Earth is in the Public Domain and available from Project Gutenberg.

Podcast artwork by Robin Cannon.


 2020-06-02  42m