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episode 61: FOW061 – Punk in Wuhan (with Nathanel Amar) [EN]

  • Guest: Nathanel Amar
    • Twitter
    • Scream4Life-Blog
    • Article about Wuhan Punk
  • Foreign Beatles cover band Dalu Yuedui
  • Cui Jian
  • dakou CDs
  • Teresa Teng
  • Underground Baby
  • Boredom Collective
  • SMZB (Shengming zhi bing)
    • SMZB singing „大武漢“ in Taipei during their Taiwan Tour
    • Songs not included in the official release of SMZB’s „Once Upon a Time“ album: „Pearl of the Orient„, „Mao’s great famine„, „Happy Concentration Camps“ and „Red Riot„
  • Vox Livehouse and Wuhan Prison
  • Chinese Football
  • Play to Death
  • Angry Dog Eyes
  • 2015 Documentary „Never release my fist“ by Wang Shuibo
  • FOW041 – Chengdu Bling: Hip-Hop in China (with Lauren Teixeira) [EN]
  • FOW054 – Elektronische Musik in China (mit Carmen Herold)


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Photo: SMZB via Christian Kock on Flickr under CC BY 2.0

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 February 7, 2021  1h3m