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This is a podcast focused on connecting user space with the community. We invite you to join us as we explore the many things that impact you, the user. We’ll experiment with the Distros and Desktop Environments that we all love, we’ll discuss the current hardware and technology impacting our lives and we’ll also talk about the different topics affecting the community. All along the way we’ll share stories and anecdotes about our journey through the Linux User Space. Episodes drop every other Monday with the first episode landing on July 13th. Find out more at


Episode 16: Full on Nerd

Coming up in this episode

  1. We feed on some backs
  2. Check in with our Mozilla correspondent
  3. Godzilla meets a fire engine
Email Feedback
  • Leo's fix for Netflix, etc. in Fedora
  • Joshua Strobl's tweet about Flatpak, Snap and Third Party software
Mozilla Watch...
  • Super Cookies blocked!
  • Development for PWAs stops
Chrome(ium) Watch
  • Sync support for Chromium on March 15 2021
  • omg!ubuntu! coverage

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App Focus

This episode's app: Rescuezilla

They have a Patreon page

It is a Swiss Army Tool Knife too :)

Next Time

We discuss February's distro of the month, PCLinuxOS TDE

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 2021-02-08  1h12m