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With Coffee Break Italian you can learn Italian where and when it suits you. In Season 1, you'll join teacher Mark, learner Katie and native speaker Francesca in our 15-minute lessons, and build your confidence in the language, learning Italian from scratch. Take your learning further with Season 2 in which Mark and Francesca are joined by learner Isla. See for privacy and opt-out information.


episode 1: CBI Travel Diaries 2.01 | Madonna di Campiglio: finalmente in vacanza!

Welcome to Season 2 of the Coffee Break Italian Travel Diaries for intermediate learners. While it's not so easy to travel right now, why not do some virtual travelling with us? In this 10-episode series, we follow the adventures of Simone and his wife Anna as they enjoy una settimana bianca (a white week of winter activities) in the Trentino-Alto Adige region. In Episode 1, Simone and Anna make the most of their first day on the slopes. We hear lots of winter and skiing related vocabulary including works like: sciare, gli sci and pista. Join Mark and Francesca as they break down the language featured in Simone's first travel diary entry. Andiamo a sciare!

The podcast episodes will be published weekly from 12th February. However, if you would like to binge the entire season then you can access all 10 episodes on the Coffee Break Academy. Our premium version includes lesson notes with additional examples and explanations of the language in each lesson, and a pronunciation practice video to help you improve your speaking. Click here to access the course on the Coffee Break Academy.

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 2021-02-12  20m