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episode 56: Polygenic risk scores in admixed populations with Bárbara Bitarello

Polygenic risk scores (PRS) rely on the genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to predict the phenotype based on the genotype. However, the prediction accuracy suffers when GWAS from one population are used to calculate PRS within a different population, which is a problem because the majority of the GWAS are done on cohorts of European ancestry.

In this episode, Bárbara Bitarello helps us understand how PRS work and why they don’t transfer well across populations.


  • Polygenic Scores for Height in Admixed Populations (Bárbara D. Bitarello, Iain Mathieson)
  • What is ancestry? (Iain Mathieson, Aylwyn Scally)


 2021-02-17  1h30m