The Truth

THE TRUTH makes movies for your ears. They're short stories that are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, and always intriguing. Every story is different, but they all take you to unexpected places using only sound. If you're new, some good starting places are: Silvia's Blood, That's Democracy, Moon Graffiti, Tape Delay, or whatever's most recent. Listening with headphones is encouraged! We're a proud member of Radiotopia from PRX.



Back in 2015, twin brother and sister Josh and Joan Burns formed CrossBread, the hugely successful Christian Rap duo from Boronia in Melbourne's outer suburbs. This is their story.

For this episode, we’re featuring another podcast, CrossBread from ABC Radio. You can hear the whole series on their website, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

And after the story, we’ll talk with writer Declan Fay about the making of the series.

CrossBread from ABC Radio


 2021-02-25  30m