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episode 11: Cam Girl Diaries Podcast #11 | Best Secret Social Media Sites To Promote Your Onlyfans

Today I had 2 interviews cancel on me so I took this time to not only rant about the one person who cancelled, but to also show the best secret social media to promote your Onlyfans and adult content links! Some of these alt social media platforms have a ton of people on them already and is a great place to promote your adult content! Some are newer and growing an audience, but its important to use them as you never know if that alt platform is the next big thing, especially since they don't censor content like the big three do (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). 

I also rant about the cancellations from tonight as it shows you the difference of how some people are BUMS and put no effort into growing their Onlyfans brand. Then the other cancelation shows how professional most cam girls are. Cancelations happen, quite frequently in this business & its not a big deal at all and I expect it since we all need to make money. I myself had to cancel a few times and reschedule and I always feel bad but everyone has been very understandable. Same with me, if you got to cancel, even if its at the last minute, just let me know and we can reschedule! No big deal at all. But if youre a total lazy bum who just wants a 'shout out', not only are you going to fail, you're a piece of trash.   

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 2021-02-25  1h9m