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Tired of Being Alone by Al Green

Label: Hi 2194
Year: 1971
Condition: M
Last Price: $16.00. Not currently available for sale.

My absolutely favorite Al Green single. His vocal acrobatics during this recording display the full range of his capabilities, all in one song. It still gives me goose-bumps! And do you know, this is only the fourth decent original I've had to sell in over 12 years in business! It's easy to ruin styrene pressings with a lousy needle. And many of Al Green singles fall in that category for some reason. This one shows just how good styrene can sound when it's in pristine condition. Have a listen to the mp3 "snippet"! Note: This beautiful copy comes in a vintage Hi Records factory sleeve. It has Near Mint labels and pristine mint vinyl (styrene) and audio.


 2016-05-08  1m