In diesem Podcast spreche ich in jeder Episode über einen Film (Klassiker, Neu, Trash etc.), der von mir am Ende auch noch bewertet wird. Es werden noch weitere Special Episoden kommen u.a. News oder Round Tables


Interview Special - Gage Hunt

Ladies Gentleman, Welcome to my German Podcast Filmgeschwätz. Usually my Episodes are in German but for this Special Occasion I couldn’t say no to it. I had two outstanding Gentleman in my Podcast. One of him is Gage Hunt and he will present you his first Short Movie called Where We Go. We will talk about his Role Models, what brought him into creating Films, why Gino Hills helped him to create that outstanding Script, why he thinks that people think he got an weird Music Taste and why his friends and family were the Anchor for the startup of his career.

The Second Gentleman in the Interview is Irvin Lopez. He played an small part in that Movie. Irvin will tell us his experience working with Gage in that Movie, how it was working with that talented director, how long it took to do the shots and how he actually met Gage. Also Irvin is an talented Podcast Newcomer who is passionate to talk about the beauty of Soccer.

I hope you will enjoy that Interview. I defe. did. It was an pleasure to talk to so talented people and I cant wait to Invite them anytime soon again. Enjoy the Interview


 2021-03-05  59m