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episode 81: I am kind of a time traveller – with Aly Baumgartner

We’re super happy to have a special guest with us this week. Aly Baumgartner is a paleontologist with a specialty in paleobotany. With her, we talk about how to find plant fossils, how to analyse them and so much more about the fascinating world of plant based paleontology. 

  • Aly’s first author paper we mention on the show 
  • The cool 80s collab paper we mention
  • Plumology (FEATHERS) with Dr. Allison Shultz — alie ward 
  • Rahab N Kinyanjui, on twitter @rkinyanji
  • Phytoliths on Plants and Pipettes Instagram
  • A truckload of fossils on Aly’s instagram
  • Aly on instagram
  • Aly on twitter
  • Aly on YouTube
  • What is a Herbarium? | A New Way to Museum
  • What is a Fruit? | A New Way to Museum

Thanks again to Dr. Aly Baumgartner for taking the time to talk to us about paleobotany.

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 2021-03-05  1h58m