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episode 38: Thunder River Rapids

A popular family-friendly ride at DreamWorld would claim the lives of four people in 2016. In nearly thirty years of operation the ride had several similar but non-fatal incidents with blame placed on the operator every time, when a three thousand dollar modification could have prevented a horrific incident.
With John Chidgey.

Investigation Report:

  • DreamWorld (PDF)

Links of Potential Interest:

  • River Rapids Ride
  • Thunder River Rapids Ride
  • Dreamworld operator Ardent Leisure Fined $3.6M for Thunder River Rapids Ride Deaths
  • Class Action Over Dreamworld Deaths
  • Shutdown Impacts Dreamworld’s Plans For New Rollercoaster
  • Dreamworld Chief Resigns After Damning Evidence At Inquest
  • Dreamworld Pays $1.8M In Termination Payouts
  • Dreamworld’s Missing Accountability
  • Dreamworld Accident Spurs Queensland Safety Crackdown

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 2021-01-24  40m