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episode 10: Possible Israeli F-35s to Gulf, Czech export support and focus on CV90 upgrades

In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, we talk to BAE Systems Hägglunds about a midlife upgrade of CV90 combat vehicles; and we also hear from Swedish security network company Clavister about their development of a cyber security solution for the same platform. 

Newsround [00:58] 

The Belgian Air Component has been forced to ground its entire F-16 fleet for urgent checks, following an incident last month when an aircraft experienced pipe burn problems with its engine after take-off.

The US Army has conducted a successful 80km flight demonstration of the Extended-Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System munition.

Lockheed Martin has received a $7.83 million contract from DARPA for Phase 1 design work on the LongShot programme.

The first booster test flight of AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon is scheduled for this month.

In Focus 

Air Editor Tim Martin reports on the possibility that the Israeli Air Force F-35 fighter jets could be deployed in the Gulf. Tim explores what such an arrangement could mean, if it is introduced, for relationships between Israel, NATO, the Middle East and the UAE. 

The Czech Republic has established a new Intergovernmental Defence Cooperation Agency (AMOS) to support national defence businesses and facilitate exports. Land Reporter Flavia Camargos Pereira looks at what impact the new agency could have on the country’s defence industry. 

Interview – BAE Systems Hägglunds [19:45] 

Flavia speaks to Dan Lindell,  Director Combat Vehicles at BAE Systems Hägglunds, for details on the modernisation and midlife upgrades of CV90 armoured vehicle fleets among user countries.

Interview- Clavister [29:56] 

As CV90 modernisation efforts advance, Swedish network security company Clavister is working with BAE Systems Hägglunds to add cybersecurity solutions to those vehicles. 

Flavia speaks to Clavister’ s CEO John Vestberg  to learn more about the RSG-400 and RSW-400 cyber protection systems. 

This episode was produced by Noemi Distefano with music and sound mixing by Fred Prest 



 2021-03-12  42m