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episode 95: Time Management Tips for the 2020 Mom

Dec. 21, 2020 – In this episode, the ladies sit down and get going with the topic of neighbor treats!! They have a serious love/hate relationship with this time of year – and all the constant treats being delivered by neighbors. It’s just so tempting! The girls share some of the fun ideas they’ve seen so far this season and Sarah brings up a recent errand to Sam’s Club, which begs the question, Sam’s Club or Costco? They debate and discuss buying in bulk and why it ALWAYS costs a fortune when doing a Costco run!?

They move on to the meat of the episode, which is the subject of time management. Lauren shares how she struggles getting it all done before winter break starts – and how time gets away unless you really map out your day. The ladies share tips on how to manage it all a little better; from setting a timer for a task, limiting social media and getting a morning routine down. There are more great suggestions that can help any mom manage their day. 2020 has been a doozie for us parents! Here’s to making 2021 a more productive, positive and efficient space.

They close out the episode with their regular hits and misses! Lauren’s hit was teaching her kids to ski (NO ski school!). And they had a great time together! Sarah’s ends with her miss on how PMS is totally wrecking her week. She feels the bad moods rising and is already feeling bad for her husband!

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 2020-12-21  54m