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episode 19: A Terrifying Monster: The True Story Of Leonard Fraser

Leonard Fraser was the very embodiment of a monster.

He was sentenced to life on the 7th of September 2000 for the abduction rape and murder of 9-year-old Keyra Steinhardt in the Queensland town of Rockhampton. Prior to that Fraser had spent almost two decades behind bars for the rape of other women, including his defacto partner who was terminally ill with cancer.

Fraser kept trophies from his victims. Police found the ponytails of three different women in Fraser’s flat but were not able to link them to any of the rapists known victims.

Journalist and author Paula Doneman covered the case as Fraser’s crimes were brought before the courts. She profiled him extensively in her reporting for The Courier Mail and subsequently compiled a book covering his extensive and heinous crimes, titled Things A Killer Would Know: The True Story Of Leonard Fraser. Is He Australia’s Worst Serial Killer?

Jessie speaks with Paula to walk through the case and crimes of Leonard Fraser, his utterly heinous acts of violence upon both “random” victims and those he lured into his orbit.

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GUEST: Paula Doneman
HOST: Jessie Stephens
PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


Things A Killer Would Know: The True Story Of Leonard Fraser. Is He Australia’s Worst Serial Killer? By Paula Doneman

The Predator: Leonard John Fraser, Crime Investigation Australia,  Channel 7 


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 2019-10-23  47m