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episode 21: Killed By The Man Next Door: The Murder Of Tosha Thakkar

On Friday March 9, 2011, a suitcase was found in a canal next to Meadowbank Park, located about 30 minutes from Sydney’s central business district.

Inside it, was the body of Tosha Thakkar, a 24-year-old student, who had been living in a boarding house in Croydon for six months. 

Her boyfriend, Ali Syed had reported her missing two days prior, after she failed to meet him for lunch. When he went to her Elvin St address, her room was in disarray, and he noticed that her nightdress was missing. 

Author and Associate Editor of the Good Weekend, Greg Callaghan, talks us through the day Tosha Thakkar lost her life at the hands of the man who lived beside her; Daniel Stani-Reginald. His feature ‘My Neighbour My Killer’ was published in 2014 in the Good Weekend as well as The Sydney Morning Herald. 

If this episode brings up any issues for you please reach out to the National Sexual Assault and Family Violence Hotline on 1800 RESPECT, that’s 1800 737 732.

GUEST: Greg Callaghan

HOST: Jessie Stephens

PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


'My Neighbour My Killer', Greg Callaghan for Fairfax Press 


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 2019-11-07  43m