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episode 33: EPISODE 33 - EVERYTHING SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCING ft. Elizabeth Weber (Content Creator & TV Host)

This is Episode 33 of The Best of the Best: Maverick's Guide To Success with Maverick Levy & today he's here with Elizabeth Weber (Content Creator & TV Host ) on to discuss: Where she grew up, where she went to college, how the pandemic affected her, Love Island & finding out about the show coming to America, filming the show in Fiji, being a reality T.V. Personality, being an influencer, gaining followers, making money from influencing, what platforms to use, a side hustle of creating media kits for influencers, knowing how to pitch yourself & the language of the industry, the negative feedback of social media, her favorite part of her career, taxes & financial planning, what she wish she had done differently at 18 & so much more 

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 2021-04-14  46m