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PODCAST: Aeralis modular jet development, Viasat cybersecurity efforts and CATV update


In this episode of The Weekly Defence Podcast, we talk to Aeralis to discuss the company R&D contract with the RAF for the development of a modular jet; Viasat join us to dive into its efforts to counter cyber threats; and in a conversation with Bell we look at the company's progress on the V-280 Valor tiltrotor.


Newsround [00:59]

The USAF has suffered a setback in its quest to develop hypersonic weapons, after experiencing a failed booster vehicle flight test for the prototype AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon.

Rostec announced on 9 April that the A Lyulki Design Bureau in its United Engine Corporation subsidiary has completed initial tests of a pulse detonation engine demonstrator.

The ninth NATO-owned Airbus A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft will feature the J- MUSIC missile-protection system from Elbit Systems, the Israeli company announced on 13 April.

In the UK, Babcock International and BAE Systems will continue in-service support for the 4.5-inch Mk 8 medium-calibre guns used by the Royal Navy on its Type 23 frigates and Type 45 destroyers.

In Focus:

Senior Editor Naval Richard Thomas, Senior Land Reporter Tim Fish and  Air Editor Tim Martin discuss US President Joe Biden’s announcement that the remaining US troops in Afghanistan are pulling out. 

While the US military involvement in Afghanistan could cease, Biden stressed that diplomatic and humanitarian work will continue between the two countries.

Tim Fish reports on the US Army efforts to move ahead with the Cold weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) programme with the down-selection of two contenders.

Tim Martin discusses a report from Shephard contributor Grzegorz Sobzack, who looked into the Polish Perkoz light helicopter procurement programme being suspended less than a year on from its launch. 

Interview- Aeralis [18:15] 

Tim Martin speaks to Tristan Crawford, CEO and Founder of Aeralis, about the company’s R&D contract award with the RAF and its joint initiative with Thales to develop the Aeralis family of aircraft. 

Interview- Viasat [39:32]

Richard Thomas speaks to Ken Peterman, President of Government Systems at Viasat, to look at the company’s efforts in the world of cyber security.

Industry Voice – Bell [59:26] 

Shephard Creative Director Tony Skinner speaks with  Carl Coffman, Vice President, Future Vertical Lift Strategy at Bell, about the company's progress on the V-280 Valor tiltrotor and how next-generation rotorcraft will meet the future needs of the US Army.


 2021-04-16  1h11m