Physics Alive

Physics Alive is the podcast where host, Brad Moser, Ph.D., sparks new life into the physics classroom. Each episode supports and shares the many forward-thinking developments that have come from physics education research and inspiring educators. Brad speaks with teachers who employ innovative and active learning styles, researchers on the frontiers of physics education, catalysts for change on important social issues in the STEM community, and students who want the most out of their education.


episode 4: Are We Playing by Rules that Don't Exist?

If no rules about content and grading existed, what would you do? I truly believe that we can do anything. The possibilities are endless. In this episode, I acknowledge the COVID-19 world crisis and the stress that both teachers and students are under. Even under normal circumstances, teachers are chronically stressed and often experience burnout. The rules of education are stifling and lead to exhaustion. But what if we are playing by rules that don’t exist? I pose that the content we cover, the assignments we grade, and the lectures we deliver on stage are products of our own belief system, which is shaped by stagnant tradition. What if we see through those beliefs into a classroom, a world, where anything is possible? I challenge listeners to reconsider where they spend their time and effort, and I suggest small steps for making big changes right now.


 2020-10-30  29m