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Science Pie is a new independent podcast about physics, history, literature and engineering, exploring one fascinating topic per 15-minute episode. Manufactured in-house by Annika Brockschmidt and Dennis Schulz.


That side of the horizon

This is part 2 of our episode on black holes - again with Chris Done from Durham University! We recommend listening to the first one, "This side of the horizon", first. In this episode: Stephen Hawking! Black holes of all sizes, supermassive, tiny, you name it! Collisions of black holes! Huge detectors to detect gravitational waves! And mouse droppings. Of course. We hope you enjoy it!

Music by Malaventura, Rest You Sleeping Giant, Chris Zabriskie, Kai Engel, Vienna Ditto, Simon Mathewson and Pyort Il'yich Tchaikovsky. A complete list of all the tracks used in our episodes can be found here. Prouduced by Dennis Schulz and Annika Brockschmidt. Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (CC-BY).


 2015-12-31  22m