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Science Pie is a new independent podcast about physics, history, literature and engineering, exploring one fascinating topic per 15-minute episode. Manufactured in-house by Annika Brockschmidt and Dennis Schulz.


This side of the horizon

Ever wondered what's inside of a Black Hole? Monsters? And how they form? We start our complete guide to one of the most fascinating phenomenons space has to offer. Our guide isn't Spock, but might just as well be - because she's an expert for astrophysics: it's Professor Chris Done from the Physics Department of Durham University. Let's travel to one of the great mysteries of space - just click play.

Music by Cosmic Analog Ensemble, Airglow, Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov played by The United Army Strings, Dennis Schulz, Juanitos, Maurice Ravel played by Ewen Birchhall, Chris Zabriskie, Rest You Sleeping Giant and Scott Joplin. Produced by Dennis Schulz and Annika Brockschmidt. You can find all the music used for our episode here.

Photo by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (CC-BY).

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 2015-12-01  17m