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episode 176: Virtual Realism #3: Interview with Graphic Designer and Little Blue Alien Paul Kreizenbeck

Check out Paul's amazing work on his website and Instagram. Get in on the fun with Hold Space for My Tribe to see Paul as a little blue alien.

Virtual Realism: an online exhibition produced in partnership between the Art History Babes and Zach Clark of National Monument Press. Attention artists, we want you to submit your work for the exhibition! Follow these two steps to be considered, application deadline is May 1st!

  1. Subscribe to the Art History Babe's Patreon for as little as $1 a month
  2. Submit your work on Virtual Realism's page by filling out a simple submission form

Any inquiries can be submitted via email to, please put "Virtual Realism" in the subject line. Additionally, you can reach out to Ginny and Zach directly on their Instagram's: @_ginbot & @zachclarkis or @arthistorybabespodcast.

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