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5/4/21: Anti-Biden Propaganda Turns Stupider as Antivax Escalates

--On the Show:

--Daniel Goleman, author and science journalist, joins David to discuss emotional intelligence, the psychological impacts of the pandemic, meditation, and much more

--Facebook will decide whether to allow Donald Trump back onto the platform after his ban of many months

--Fox News runs a segment asking whether the American economy is doing so well that Joe Biden is wrong to be doing things economically

--Republican Senator Mike Braun devolves into nonsense talking points under the most basic questioning about Joe Biden's proposals during an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace

--Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson goes full vaccine conspiracist in a dangerous and delusional rant

--Kansas Republican elected official Mark Samsel is arrested after an abortive substitute teaching day at a local school which included allegedly kicking a student in the genitals

--Voicemail caller asks what happened to the Andrew Cuomo scandal

--On the Bonus Show: WaPo fact-checkers give up on recording Joe Biden's lies, Kroger will start drone deliveries this week, US starts reuniting some separated migrant families, much more...

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 2021-05-04  1h3m