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Are you easily confused by terms like cultural appropriation, cisgender, toxic masculinity, twunk, queer, black girl magic, and woke? Or maybe you’re tired of explaining terms like these and you need a community that gets you! Welcome to Minority Korner, where we take an introspective look at the world. through an intersectional lens. Join James: a queer, political, comedian, self proclaimed, sexy blerd (that’s Black Nerd) and each week he's joined in the Korner by another fabulous minority tackling pop culture, the news, media, and history all with a little self care, and self love sprinkled throughout! It’s time to Learn, Laugh, and Play, right here at Minority Korner- because together: we’re the majority! (Part of the Maximum Fun Network)



episode 302: EP302: It's A Family Affair (Pose Season 3, History of Queer Polynesian Culture, Anti Trans Bills, Anti Protest Bills, AAPI Historical Influence on Queer Culture, Critical Race Theory)

It's a family affair this week as we celebrate the last week of the MaxFun Drive with a crossover episode with FANTI's Tre'vell Anderson (they/them). Pose Season 3 has started, is this landmark series ending too soon with nothing to replace it? The Republicans are up to more foolishness this time making it illegal to protest and raising a stink about 'Critical Race Theory'. In celebrating API Heritage Month we take a look at the Queer history of Polynesian culture, and the overall influence that API culture has had on the modern westernized gay identity. Tre'vell continues our ongoing dialogue about the anti Trans bills, their two buckets, why they're happening, and what we must do to stop them. Plus it's a parade of Minority Korner Stars with Nnekay FitzClarke, and Sarah Brown helping you to get involved in this years MaxFun Drive! 

GUEST CO-HOST – Tre’vell Anderson (they/them):  is an award-winning journalist, social curator, and world changer who always comes to slay! They co-host the MaxFun podcast FANTI and are a die-hard Fantasia stan. IG: @rayzhon TW: @TrevellAnderson 

Join James as he hosts the Max Fun Drive Finale show w/ One Mad Mother's Biz Ellis!  May 14th, at 5:00-7:00pm: https://maximumfun.org/events/online/maxfundrive-finale-show/


  •  Eliminating Critical Race Theory
  • 81 Anti Protest Laws put on the table- Florida has signed the first into law already 
  • History of Queer Polynesian Culture + AAPI Influence on Gay Culture 
    • Hawaiis Ancient Gay Culture - Gayety
    • Hawaii Sovereignty 
    • Is Hawaii an Occupied Nation? - BBC
    • AAPI The Making of a Gay American Identity 
    • DOCUMENTARY: "Ke Kulana He Mahu: Remembering a Sense of Place" explores the little-known acceptance of homosexuals into kanaka maoli, or native Hawaiian society, and the near obliteration of that tradition by Western culture.
    • Accounts to follow: @chasestrangio @aclu ; call your state reps to mind their damn business 
    • Suggested viewing: Disclosure on Netflix; The Trans List on HBO; Free Cece (On Demand) Changing the Game (June 1 on Hulu)

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 2021-05-14  1h29m