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episode 15: Session 14: Let Them Reign | Revelation 20 with Wendy MacGinnis

Just when we thought we were at the climax of Revelation, we find a surprise twist in chapter 20. What can we learn from Lucifer’s fall? Pride corrupts. Sin has consequences and Satan is defeated. The message is clear: taking personal pride in the gifts that God gives us rather than giving thanks to Him leads to ultimate destruction.

In this episode with Wendy MacGinnis, those who sacrificed their lives to resist the lies of Satan will be brought back to reign with Christ. It will be a perfect environment with a perfect king and no temptation from Satan. But God knows the heart of man can only be changed by His grace. God always gives us a choice and when Satan is released, some will still choose rebellion. A perfect environment cannot produce a perfect heart. In the end, there will be no place for unbelievers to hide.

Wendy reminds us that we can rest easy knowing our future is safe with Jesus. Our antagonist Satan will be destroyed. Jesus will be our Judge and we will be His Bride. You can choose to enjoy this journey we call life with heavenly purpose, confidently knowing that the victory is won. 

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 2021-05-16  13m