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episode 456: Search for the New Sound

As always I'm trying to keep up with what is currently going on with what is current in ska and ska/punk. I hope this episode hits you right, as it was another joy to put together for all of you. And to be fair, all but the first band are all new for playing on the podcast. There's always great new stuff coming out, so keep an ear out!

00:00 - Thirteen Towers - Somewhere To Go (Somewhere To Go '20)
03:28 - the Tromboners - Radio USA (the Tromboners EP '21)
07:02 - the Third-Rates - Best of Me (See What Sticks '21)
10:45 - the Toy Yodas - Hate You! (2021) (Hate You! (2021) '21)
14:13 - Safe Sax - Money (Practice Makes Perfect EP '21)
17:49 - Rundown Kreeps - Held Down (Held Down '21)
20:43 - Culture Shock - Penny for the Guy (Mandemic '21)

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Session : Twenty // Episode : 456 // Airdate : May 20th, 2021

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