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episode 460: Time to Leave the House

Here we are, at the end of another session of 23 min of Ska. Thanks for hanging in there since the beginning of the year, and experiencing all this great (and mostly new) ska & ska punk these last 23 weeks with me. I hope you've found some new fun bands to listen to, I know I have! 2021 has been such a great year for music that it's been a breeze to toss this together each week! As always, thanks for listening, and until next time, keep listening to ska!

00:00 - We Are The Union - Broken Brain (Ordinary Life '21)
02:36 - Tight Spot - Time Heals Everything (Time Heals Everything '21)
06:11 - Small Town Get Up - Don't Tell Me (New Noise '14)
09:23 - Tape Girl - No Thoughts, Head Empty (Single Version) (No Thoughts, Head Empty '20)
12:01 - Chango Munks - Plan(et) B (We Want All Your Minds '21)
15:03 - Half Past Green - Mean Green (Mean Green '21)
17:55 - Something To Do - This Year's been a Kick in the Nuts (This Year's been a Kick in the Nuts '21)
20:10 - the Fabulous Lolo Meets King King Girio - When Time is Running Out (My Favorite Heart to Break '15)

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Session : Twenty // Episode : 460 // Airdate : June 17th, 2021


 2021-06-17  23m